Monday, April 27, 2015

The thing about being an introvert...

  1. Introverts are people who primarily look inward, paying close attention to their thoughts and emotions. It's not that they are incapable of paying attention to what is going on around them, it's just that their inner world is much more stimulating and rewarding to them. - Link
A few years ago, I self-diagnosed myself as being an introvert and I began reading up about other introverted people: how to deal with them, how to deal with being one, what does if feel like to be an introvert, what are the signs... The moment I learned about what introversion was, it was as if a piece of the puzzle that I am was finally put in place. Introversion explained so much about the things that I did and about how I reacted to different situations.

I often get told by other people that they wish they were more like  me: reserved, soft spoken, calm, analytic, political in the way I choose my words, etc. It's so strange hearing these things because all of my life, I have fought against all of those characteristics. I have always wished I was a bit more loud, a bit more energetic and charismatic,  a bit more of "the life of the party". To me, being the way I am was not as great as some of those people think.

So what does it feel like to be an introvert? Well I can't speak for anyone else here, but here a the gist of how I experience it.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ooranya : Chapter 1, Part 1


     Manhattan. What a beautiful city. The countless skyscrapers, everybody walking around, residents and tourists alike, making their way through the sea of people, heading out to different destinations: work, gym, restaurant, Empire State building. Even the honking of the cars sounded like a bell to Laila’s ears. All her life, she had dreamt of living in this city, working at a job she loved, having amazing friends and living the good life. 

     Out of those four things, she could cross one off. Sure, she was living in her dream city, but in a small, cluttered studio apartment that, despite the smallness of it, took a big chunk of her bank account each month. Although she had managed to make it somewhat warm and to her taste, according to her life plan it should have been much bigger. It should have two bedrooms, a dining room and a living room, a nice kitchen and one and a half bathroom. However, her little studio was a far cry from what she had envisioned. She only had one very small common room that served as a living, sleeping, and dining room, a small kitchen and one tiny bathroom. 

     Younger, she had made a life plan, a sort of checklist in order to have a clear view of what she wanted to accomplish in her life. First, she needed a job, a career that she would love and at which she would excel. She had gone to college, worked her mind off in order to get a degree in literature and had managed to find herself a small job in her hometown’s newspaper. After a few years, it was time to cross off another point of her list. She had to move to New York City. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hey Honey Facial Serum

     I was quite excited about trying out this Hey Honey serum, as I'm in search of the perfect facial serum to add to my morning beauty routine. 
     At first, I did not expect the colour of the serum; for some reason, I was expecting clear to white substance, but the yellow really took me by surprise. Then, when I thought about the Honey aspect of it, it made perfect sense! I washed and cleaned my face before rubbing the Hey Honey product. 

     Right away, I very much liked it as it felt really light on my face. It was quick absorbent, so my face didn't look shiny too long. Also, my face tends to go a bit dry in the cold weather, especially on my chin and around my nose, but I found that the day I tried the Honey Silk Facial Serum, it didn't. I am definitely going to keep on trying the product every morning to see if it does help keep my skin hydrated. All in all, it's probably the best facial serum I have tried so far! 

     For more information on the product, visit the brand's page here.

Yours truly, Bien la vôtre

Monday, April 20, 2015

My first ipsy bag

   I'm a sucker for beauty boxes, there is no doubt about it. I've tried out a few boxes and have always been pleasantly surprised by them. So when I saw on Facebook that many of my friends were posting links to ipsy, I decided to try it out. 

     The whole process of signing up and "getting off the wait list" was actually almost a deal breaker for me. I was required to post links on Facebook, send 10 invites to people through Facebook messenger, like Instragram and Youtube accounts... This was all about social media and getting the word about ipsy out there. However, I sucked it up and did everything I had to do to get my first box as soon as possible (including sending an apologetic message with my invites explaining to my friends that they didn't actually have to do or read anything). 

     And then came the waiting process. I joined ipsy around this time last month, but they didn't actually take my payment until a couple weeks later. For the past two weeks, I kept an eye on my profile to figure out when I'd be getting my package, but only kept seeing other people posting pictures of their products that they had already received. And then, I was notified of which products I'd actually be getting, so that completely killed the surprise for me. However, after weeks and weeks of waiting, I finally got that notification telling me that there was a package for me at the post office.

     At first, I was a bit put off by the packaging. Being an avid lover of monthly beauty boxes, I always look forward to the nice box (that I can then keep afterwards as storage) with all the brand new beauty products inside. However, when I first saw the pink bubble wrapper bag, I thought there had been a mistake. However, upon looking inside, I realised it was my ipsy products. The makeup bag and products themselves are really nice and I especially love the perfume, but the experience so far had not been what I was expecting. After getting over the packaging issue however, I was able to appreciate fully this month's loot. 

     So this month's theme was Beautiful Bohemian. I received a full size, lovely shade of blush in Tango  by HIKARI. I then got a divine eau de parfum in Sophisticated & Sensual  by Aromachology. Also included was a cheeky eyeshadow in Flirty from the Nude Dude collection by theBalm. Finally, I also got a lipgloss from Starlooks in Cuddle and a facial serum by hey honey.

     All together, despite the few minor issues, I still really did enjoy this month's beauty products. Next month, I'll simply have to be a bit more patient and not go on my profile so as to not find out which products I will receive next.

     If you're interested in joining ipsy,click on this link. They currently only ship to Canada and the U.S., but they might ship outside of those regions later on.

     Are you an ipsy client? What are your thoughts on the whole joining process and the products you receive?

Yours truly, Bien la vôtre,

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ooranya: Prologue

This story, like all stories of this sort, begins a long long time ago, in a far away place. In fact, it’s a place so far away that we could say it is in a whole other world. This story takes place in Ooranya. 

Thousands of years ago, this land was home to all the imaginable species of living creatures. From unicorns to elves, from gods to vampires, all lived in a balanced harmony. The humans, one of the most peaceful species, were only one of the thousands living in Ooranya. 

However, the humans eventually began to  become greedy, wanting more and more territories, destroying all in their path to acquire what they desired: the richness of the lands. While the other inhabitants of Ooranya had no use for the rare minerals and stones, the humans became obsessed with them. After enriching themselves, they wanted to rule all the lands. 

It had always been the Circle who had governed all of Ooranya. The Circle was made up of a representative from each species living within the realm. Together, as a group, they made all the decisions for the lands. When the humans tried to overthrow the Circle, it was time for this one to finally do something. It was then so decided that the humans could no longer remain in Ooranya. It was arranged that they would be exiled into another world. Every human in Ooranya were then hunted and sent to the other world, where they still remain today.

The humans from today have no memories of Ooranya. The tales of the enchanted lands have long since been classified as myths, legends or even simply forgotten. Once in a while, some humans will have memories and vision of the old world, but others will only say that they have a wild imagination. They do not want to believe that all the things and creatures that they “imagine” actually exist.